I did my first livestream!

Yesterday I set up my little pop-up photography hide in the garden, packed it full of camera gear and hosted my first ever YouTube livestream. During the stream I shared some recent work and trail camera sightings, answered questions about wildlife photography and generally just had a fun hangout with the people who joined!

The view inside the hide

This all came about because I’ve been getting into live video production recently for some non-wildlife projects. The main goal was to test out some new bits of kit – this one to be specific – and apart from an amusing audio loop problem at the start it all went pretty well. The way I was set up, I could even show people what I was photographing in realtime, as well as playing back pre-recorded video clips and still images.

Funnily enough I think the biggest challenge was juggling the duties of “presenter” and “cameraman” at the same time, which fortunately I won’t have to do on my upcoming commercial livestream projects!

My camera’s view from the hide

I had a blast putting the stream together and chatting to everyone, so I think I’m going to do this again soon. Ideally I’d like to find a better spot to do some actual photography during the stream, but that might prove difficult as I’ll still need to be somewhere with a stable internet connection.

Make sure you follow me on YouTube so you don’t miss the next livestream, and if you want to catch up you can watch yesterday’s stream below:

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