Fowl at the Moon




I know the title of this image is dumb but I just couldn’t resist. Hey, it’s my art.

Oh I love a good challenge. For this particular trip to Kruger National Park I set myself the task of coming back with an interesting image of a very common animal, in this case a Swainson’s Spurfowl. It’s easy to start overlooking the animals that you say day after day, and because of that I find it surprisingly difficult to capture an interesting image of one. To be honest I’d say this image is 50% determination and 50% luck – whilst I was keeping an eye on these birds in the hope that they’d do something interesting, I couldn’t have planned for one to pose at the perfect height to line it up with the rising moon. I do claim 100% of the credit for the title, though.

Photographed in South Africa
Printed on lovely 260gsm, Luster-finish photo stock
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Please note:
– Approx. 15mm white border around the image, included in the print size
– Frame not included (this is just a digital mockup of what it would look like)
– Dispatched within 3-5 business days

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