Expedition Congo - WWF Digital Series

In 2018 I travelled to the Congo Basin with Just Trek to film and present a YouTube series for WWF International. Our aim for the project was to explore how different species rely on each other, and why that means we should protect our planet's biodiversity. We managed to capture some truly incredible things - you'll have to watch the series to find out what they were!

Episode 1: Welcome to the Jungle

The Congo Basin is home to a huge web of life. In this series, Wildlife Cameraman Josh Guyan explores this rich Biodiversity - how it works, what threatens it and why it’s important for us to protect it.

Episode 2: Searching for Gorillas

This week, Josh heads into the jungle to find Gorillas. Will he be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the Silverback?

Episode 3: All the Small Things

This week, Josh takes a closer look at the smaller things and why they're so crucial to our ecosystems.

Episode 4: Where Animals Gather

This week, Josh gets his feet wet. He’s exploring these swampy clearings - known as bais - which play a vital role here in the Congo.

Episode 5: Elusive Elephants

This week, Josh is searching for an animal which has a massive impact on its ecosystem - the elusive Forest Elephant.

Episode 6: This Delicate Web

In this final episode, Josh reflects on his time in the Congo Basin and why protecting our ecosystems is so important.